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Cases and References

Examples of how to use MCST

Manycom Socket Tools can be used with virtually any solutions, where there is need to transfer data in real-time or in batch mode between applications in different systems. There is no common, usual way how to utilise MCST.

It could be used for retrieving data from a UNIX database to an AS/400 application, or from AS/400 database to Windows applications. Or - for updating remote databases. It is an excellent way for a fast access to operative databases from OS/400 web server, too.

Notice also, that in order to ease the use and utilisation of the MCST product, two model applications that use the MCST interface are bundled with the MCST software; the source codes and DDS specifications are included.

The applications can be put to use as examples in programming, but they can also be utilized in the simulation and testing of client/server applications that are under work or already finished. The application screens can be used to establish the socket connection, to enter, convert and send data on the line, to receive data from the line, to convert and display the data on the screen and to close the connection.

Cases and references


No demo is available at this time on Manycom's site. Please notice, that a test and demo software with the source code is included in the software package.

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