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A common factor of Manycom products is that they offer companies new possibilities and effectiveness to communicate within their own organization, with other companies and organizations, and with consumers.

As already stated in the Company section, Manycom products are first of all by their nature middleware software products, which allow automating the daily business communications transactions should it require real-time or non-real-time communications.

For this purpose, the products provide easy-to-program APIs (Application User Interfaces) and EPIs (Exit Point Interfaces) with rich functions and features, automatic and autonomous operations in normal and exception situations, and allow extensive traffic and usage control.

The products cover a wide range of the business communication needs in the following three areas:

  • Automated messaging (email, sms/gsm text, fax, ePost, etc.)
  • FTP file transfer automation and security
  • Real-time communications between applications.

The products are intended and designed primarily for application integration, i.e. for automated application-to-application communication.

However, user interface screens and programs of the message and FTP automation products allow using these products ‘as is’ also for end user communication, i.e. the products can be used for automated and manual application-to-end-user, end-user-to-application and end-user-to-end-user communications, too.

Manycom product-line carries currently three products. You can test the products for 30 days free. For more information on how to get the products for testing, go to Try & Buy.

Multipurpose products – multiple solutions

Sometimes you may need to transport email or fax messages by using the FTP file transfer protocol - and vice versa – sometimes you may need to transfer data files by using messaging protocols and formats such as SMTP and MIME.

Anyway, since Manycom products have a very modular and flexible structure and easy-to-use interfaces, you can often utilize the same product or module not only for the typical business use, but also for solving other business communication needs.

List of Manycom products

Product list is available in the List of Products section.

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