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As described in the Solutions section, Manycom solutions can consist of products and services from Manycom, Manycom’s Business Partners and other providers. Some examples of these kinds of products and services are PDF or EDI/XML conversion products, and fax and SMS gateway services.

Accordingly, there may be just one customer support service provider or several providers in various roles.

First-line service providers are those that the customer selects and agrees to directly contact and work with. In most cases, customer can acquire the first-line support for the entire solution from one single provider. First-line provider cooperates then with the second-line support providers, when needed, in order to provide full support to the customer.

The following figure depicts the possible service providers and their service functions as far as Manycom products and services of the solution are concerned:

Service providers

Figure: Service providers and their service functions as far as Manycom products and services of the solution are concerned.

When the Manycom solution includes Business Partner or other products or services, too, the first-line and second-line service roles and service functions typically change accordingly. Generally, the owner of the product or service is the only one, who can provide the final support for the product or service.

Manycom customer services

The following figure describes the four main Manycom customer service functions and contents of the functions in more details:

Manycom customer services

Figure: Manycom customer service functions with details.

Manycom is always, if not the first-line provider, the second-line or final service provider of the Manycom products and services. Notice that, Manycom always provides final support and takes full responsibility for the interface parts of the Business Partners’ and other providers’ products and services built in the Manycom products.

If customer wants to get one first-line service provider responsible for the entire Manycom solution, Manycom is naturally the one who usually has the best capabilities to take this responsibility. This does not mean that customer could not, or should not select some other provider. Manycom always provides second-line support for the first-line support providers of the Manycom solutions.

Sales services

Should you need more information for planning or decision making on how to utilize Manycom solutions in your communications environment, Manycom sales service is prepared for sales consulting and other practical sales services such as providing price quotations and offers.

These services are free.

Contact: sales@manycom.fi

Administration services

Administration services consists of:

  • product delivery,
  • pricing,
  • concluding Software License Agreements,
  • providing license codes (license keys) for using the products in test or production use,
  • concluding the Software Maintenance Agreements for the products,
  • invoicing,
  • handling payment transactions; notice that, payment is prerequisite for delivering the production license code,
  • other customer and product administration tasks.

These services are free.

Contact: admin@manycom.fi

Consulting services

Manycom consulting services means advising, designing and planning how to utilize messaging and data communications generally, and Manycom solutions especially, for the customer’s benefit.

As a follow-up service for the consulting, Manycom offers extensive solution support services, where the results of the consulting service are put into action.

Example: FTP ‘turnkey’ consulting service

Manycom can provide consulting service for designing your company’s entire IBM AS/400, iSeries or i5/OS FTP environment including how to organize, automate and integrate FTP file transfer transactions to the operative applications, and how to secure and control the FTP traffic and usage. This consulting and design can be provided also in general level, i.e. independent from the Manycom products.

If Manycom FTP automation products are then used for implementing the design, Manycom solution support can install, configure, program the APIs and EPIs, and test the entire environment. When completed with training, using and maintaining support, this Manycom solution can be regarded as a real ‘turnkey’ solution.

Over 50 companies have already utilized this service offering for designing and implementing their automated FTP environments.

Consulting is usually a chargeable service based on verbal or written agreement. However, small amount of consulting per year, subject to Manycom’s judgment and resources, is included in the Software Maintenance Agreement.

For more information, see also the Solution support section.

Contact: consulting@manycom.fi

Solution support

See the Solution support section.

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