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List of Manycom products

Manycom product-line consists of the following products and modules utilized typically, but not exclusively, in the following business communications areas:

Product name
Module name
Primary business
communications area
Manycom Message

Software for automated messaging and FTP file transfer.
MCM Email Message automation
MCM ePost/eKirje
MCM FTP Client Automation
File transfer automation and security
MCM FTP Client X-P Log
MCM FTP Server Automation
Manycom Socket Tools

Provides high-level API for easy usage of TCP socket communications from user applications. Supports both client and server modes.
MCST Base Real-time communications
Manycom DTS

Provides high-level API for extremely easy implementation of real-time program-to-program communication based on RPC method and exchange of data messages (data buffers). Supports both client and server modes.
MCDTS Base Real-time communications

Manycom products are proven and robust, flexible to configure for changes and further enhancements, scale well from smallest to very large environments, and run with good performance.

The product descriptions are primarily technical descriptions of the functions and features of the products. When you need to know how to utilize the products in business, see the Solutions descriptions.
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