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The latest announcements, events and news from Manycom Solutions.

1. Jun 2008 Manycom Solutions was established 23.11.2007, and has been officially registered in Finland as of 13.12.2007 with the business ID 2160395-1.

The company has acquired in December 2007 all rights to Manycom Software's products and other intellectual property rights. Manycom Solutions continues all the business operations, including product development and customer support services, of Manycom Software. Should you have any questions, please contact the managing director, Jorma Kiiski.

Manycom Solutions and Technopolis Ventures (www.technopolisventures.fi), the largest business incubator in Finland, have undersigned 14.5.2008 an incubator agreement in order to speed up implementation of Manycom's new business plan. The plan targets first to raise fund for a major product development project, and then after product announcements, to global mass marketing and delivery of the new products.
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Product Announcements
1. Jun 2008 Manycom focuses in the coming months on acquiring funding for its long planned major development project, where the current product family will be renewed in order to be able to better respond to the needs of the current and future customers. The new products are expected to be announced in 2009–2010.

Meanwhile, the company continues to support its customers running the current Manycom products.
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