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Get the companies communicating in more versatile, effective and secure way within their own organization, with public organizations, and with their customers and business partners.

Business idea

Manycom is focused on developing and marketing message and data communications middleware and software solutions to companies and organizations using the IBM AS/400, eServer iSeries and eServer i5 systems, running the OS/400 and i5/OS operating systems.

Special attention has been paid to develop message, file transfer and real-time communications middleware software which is easy to integrate to customer applications, and allow customers automating and thus effectively handling their daily business communication transactions.

Consequently, Manycom solutions do not compete with or replace the existing personal PC based messaging and data communications solutions, but complete these solutions providing direct integration to server applications and database thus enabling, among other things, more effective, faster and secure automated operations.

The following figure depicts the position and role of Manycom products in the general data processing and communications architecture:

Manycom middleware products

Figure: Manycom middleware products for application integration and end user communications

Along Manycom’s strategy, Manycom aims at including in its products functions and features, which make it possible to provide complete communications solutions to the customers. Since this is not always possible to achieve alone with Manycom products, the products have easy-to-program APIs (Application Program Interfaces) and EPIs (Exit Point Interfaces) for integrating with 3rd party and customer middleware and applications.

Manycom solutions are based on international and Internet communications standards. This guarantees good compliance when Manycom products communicate with other software running in other systems.

Manycom products are intended for global markets. They can be used in any company in any country.

Benefits to customers

Companies and organizations using Manycom solutions can improve their effectiveness, save in messaging and data communications programming and daily operation costs, provide more versatile, qualified and secure information services to their own personnel, customers and business partners, and overall manage better their business communications environment.

Consequently, Manycom solutions improve competitiveness of the companies using the solutions.


Manycom has established itself as the leading expert as a communications solution developer and provider for the IBM OS/400 and i5/OS environments in Finland having also installations abroad.

The company was founded in 1987, and started to market its products internationally in 1993. About ten percent of the income comes from exports. The head office is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Products, services and solutions


Manycom products form a consistent product-line, where various products are installed and updated with the common Manycom Products Installation Program, are used via the common Manycom menu system, provide consistent user interface and functions and features and technically utilize common components.

Manycom products are first of all by their nature middleware software products, which allow automating the daily business communications transactions covering a wide range of the business communication needs in the following three areas:

  • Automated messaging (email, sms/gsm text, fax, ePost, etc.)
  • FTP file transfer automation and security
  • Real-time client/server communications between applications.

The products are intended and designed primarily for application integration, i.e. for automated application-to-application communication.

However, user interface screens and programs of the message and FTP automation products allow using the products also for end user communications, i.e. for automated or manual application-to-end-user, end-user-to-application and end-user-to-end-user communications.

For more information, see the Solutions and Products sections.


Manycom services include sales, administration, consulting and solution support services. For more information, see the Services section.


Manycom solutions consist of Manycom products and services, but may also include products and services, such as public data services or data conversion products, from Manycom Business Partners and other providers.

Solutions portfolio is large covering the three business communications areas described in the previous Products chapter. Base solutions consist of the three Manycom products and the related modules. When expanded with the Business Partners’ and other providers’ solutions, the number of different solutions is countless.

Each Manycom product and module contains the needed message specific data conversion functions to convert the original message or file format to the format needed for sending, or correspondingly, convert the retrieved or received message or file to the format needed by the local applications.

Generally, communications functions are transparent to the content of the data file or the message. The content can be character coded data or text, or binary data such as program code or image.

Accordingly, Manycom solutions can be used for transferring practically any business transactions such as orders, order confirmations, invoices, customs declarations, images, alert messages, etc.

Depending on the environment and solution, Manycom can be the main turnkey provider taking total responsibility of the solution, or a sub-contractor or OEM provider whose products are integrated to other providers’ solutions.

For more information, see the Solutions section.

Marketing, sales and delivery

Manycom markets and sales its solutions and products directly to customers and indirectly via the Business Partners and other providers. Delivery of the software packages takes place from Manycom’s web and FTP sites with HTTP or FTP download, or by email.

Customer services

Customer services cover sales, administration, consulting and solution support services.

Solution support covers advising and working hands-on, if needed and possible, in order to help the customer in delivering, installing, configuring, testing, training, using and maintaining the solution.

Part of the support is free, part is covered in the Software Maintenance Agreement, and part is for case-by-case agreed fee.

For more information, see the section Services.

Contact information

See the section Contact.

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