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Try a Manycom solution

When you want to solve a certain business communications need, go to the Solutions section, and check if some of the Manycom base solutions looks potential to fulfill your requirements. If so, go to the related Products and Services sections for further details.

Contact Manycom - preferably with email:

  • when you know which solution you want to test, or
  • when you are unsure about what products and services you need for the solution, or
  • when you need additional information.

In the email to sales@manycom.fi:

  • Describe what Manycom solution(s) or products and modules you need and want to test.
  • If you did not find a potential Manycom solution, describe your business communications needs so that Manycom’s sales support can check and suggest the solution.
  • Optionally, describe what additional third party products and services you possibly want to integrate to the Manycom solution if you want that Manycom sales support evaluates the entire solution.
    • Describe what Manycom consulting services or solution support you possibly will need or want to have during testing. See the Services section for more information about these services.
  • Describe what additional information you need, for example:
    • more technical product information
    • price information regarding the products, modules and services; for specific product price information, your systems processor group available with the command WRKLICINF or from IBM is needed

Manycom will send you by email:

  • the requested information
  • instructions for downloading the needed software packages (save files) from Manycom’s web or FTP site
  • instruction for installing, configuring and programming the products
  • instructions for using the products
  • 30 days test license codes for the selected products and modules

Buy a Manycom solution

When you want to buy a Manycom solution for production use, contact again Manycom sales support by free format email for getting a price quotation, offer, invoice, license or maintenance agreement, or other information.

In the email to sales@manycom.fi:

  • Describe the solution you want to buy:
    • products, modules, services
  • Describe the environment
    • ‘processor group’ of the system
      (pricing of the Manycom products depends on the system’s processor group defined by IBM; you can retrieve the value with the command WRKLICINF, or from IBM)
    • ‘serial number’ of the system
      (this is needed since the production license code is tied to the system serial number, which is available with the command DSPSYSVAL QSRLNBR, or from IBM).
  • Request for:
  • Describe the receiver’s contact information
    • Should you want to get the response by email or mail
    • company name
    • receiver’s name and email or mail address

Manycom will send you by email or mail:

  • the requested price quotation, offer, invoice, agreements for undersigning, or other information.
  • permanent production license codes for the paid products and modules
Note: Permanent production license codes are sent to you only after you have returned the undersigned Software License Agreement (mandatory) and Software Maintenance Agreement (optional but recommended) - and after payment of the invoice.
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