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Manycom as a solutions provider

Along Manycom’s mission and business idea, Manycom aims at providing its customers not just separate entry level products, but advanced products with rich set of functions and features equipped with extensive consulting and support services. In other words, Manycom aims at providing complete solutions by fulfilling all customer needs in the provided areas of business communications.

Manycom services cover, in connection with the Manycom solutions, comprehensive communications consulting as well as delivery, installing, configuring, programming, testing, using, training and maintaining support services.

When needed, Manycom combines its own products and services with the other providers’ products and services in order to provide what the customer needs.

What is a Manycom solution

Manycom solution is a solution that Manycom has named and published or offers as a Manycom solution, and markets directly or indirectly via Manycom Business Partners to a customer as a solution.

Manycom solution can, depending on customer needs, consist of just one Manycom product with one or two modules, for instance MCM FTP Client Automation solution, or it can consist of several Manycom, Manycom Business Partner and other products and services, as depicted in the following figure.

Notice that, you can find a Manycom product also as a part of another provider’s solution, i.e. integrated to a third party solutions. In this case, the solution is not a Manycom solution even though the product is a Manycom product. Manycom encourages and promotes this kind of integration.

General about Manycom solutions

As a general introduction, see the Products, services and solutions in the Company & BPs section.

List of Manycom solutions

Solution list is available in the List of Solutions section.

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