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FTP Server Automation Module Description

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Technical Description

FTP SA exit point programs, which are attached and activated to the so-called exit points provided by IBM in the OS/400 FTP server feature, take care of the security and automation functions. FTP SA exit programs compare the requested FTP subcommands and the related parameter values with the pre-configured values in the FTP SA control files. If these do not match, the operation is rejected, and the OS/400 FTP server sends an error message to the FTP client.

FTP SA always operates in the FTP server mode listening the incoming calls from FTP clients, and responding to the service requests (FTP client subcommands) entered from the FTP clients. See the following figure.

Notice, that if your local AS/400 needs to be the FTP client, which is calling the remote FTP servers, you should select another module of MCM, the FTP Client Automation, FTP CA, which makes it possible to secure and automate the FTP client operations. FTP SA and FTP CA together provide an extensive solution for automating all kinds of FTP file transfer transactions.

Features of the Advanced Automation, Data File Conversion and Encryption modules can be used with both FTP modules in order to complement the solution. For more information about automating the FTP client operations, see the corresponding module description MCM FTP Client Automation.

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