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Manycom FTP Server Automation and Security

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The solution is very flexible with respect to taking it smoothly into use – even if there is already heavy FTP traffic, and you do not know exactly, what traffic there is (this is the ‘normal’ case), so that you cannot configure the ‘allowed entries’.

You can first configure, by adding few configuration entries, MCM FTPSA to allow all connections, all FTP logins and all FTP operations to all resources. In this case, the solution just logs all FTP operations without rejecting anything. This allows seeing ‘what really happens there’. The log reveals the FTP client’s IP addresses, login IDs and passwords, issued FTP subcommands, as well as used directories, files and remote commands.

After following for a while the traffic, you can then start configuring what is allowed - and what is not. Possibility to configure generic (*ALL, *ANY, abc*) and specific values for all the controlled matters simultaneously makes it possible to tighten the control little by little towards more and more controlled FTP server.

You can find more detailed information about the solution in the following module descriptions:

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