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Product Description

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Technical Description

Manycom Message is intended for 'traditional' messaging or sending and receiving different kind of message and data files in batch mode as batch jobs. Users and applications request the sending, receiving and other operations from MCM via the MCM APIs, which save all transfer job requests in the MCM Transfer Directory.

Manycom's client programs communicate with the configured message and file servers by using various file transfer and messaging formats and protocols based on international and de-facto standards.

Both messaging and data file transfer operations are possible and included in the same product, because both are technically very close to each other. Both are based on sending and receiving files, and need the same base functions and features.

MCM is not intended for interactive real-time messaging. For more information about products for real-time communication, see the product descriptions of Manycom Socket Tools and Manycom DTS.

Base operations

For more detailed technical information about the general features and functions of MCM, see the MCM Base module description and MCM Base Configuration Guide.

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