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FTP Client Automation Module Description

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FTP CA allows using all the functions of the base FTP client feature of the OS/400 operating system, plus several additional functions and features that are necessary when automating FTP file transfer tasks to take place as background tasks in batch mode.

Some of the additional features and functions and benefits are:

  • Possibility to describe and create FTP transfer jobs in a parameterised way without programming and other FTP specific skills.
  • Created transfer jobs are saved in the MCM transfer job directory. All functions of the executed transfer jobs are logged to the special log file. This makes it possible to follow and control the past, on going and coming FTP traffic in an orderly manner on summary and detail levels.
  • Transfer job requests saved in the transfer directory are executed automatically as batch jobs. This saves from manual work, and makes it possible to perform a great number of FTP transfers with minimal manual operations.
  • FTP CA automatically controls the execution of the different phases of the transfer job for instance by collecting and comparing the RFC return codes provided with the pre-defined values. In error situations, automatic retries are performed for the transfer jobs.
  • Possibility to attach pre- and post-processes to the transfer jobs allows automating the entire 'chain' - not only the FTP file transfer transactions.
  • Possibility to schedule jobs and define regular automatic jobs provides further savings in manual work.
  • Each transfer job can get a priority value defining the execution (starting) order in the server specific queue. This could be used to guarantee the execution of smaller jobs before bigger, long lasting transfer jobs.
  • Security functions of FTP CA makes it possible to control and restrict unauthorized use of FTP CA and OS/400 FTP client feature.
  • FTP CA provides several additional functions and features missing in the OS/400 FTP client feature. These advanced functions in conjunction with the other optional MCM modules (such as the Data File Conversion) facilitate automating even the most complex FTP related processes.
  • FTP CA automation saves costs, reduces errors, makes the operations faster and facilitates a great number of FTP transactions each day.
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