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Email Module Description

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Cases and References

Examples of how to use MCM Email

Manycom's customers use MCM Email for sending and receiving different kind of email messages. Typical email messages are orders, order confirmations, invoices, proposals etc.

For instance, it is possible to receive orders as email, route them automatically to a proper application for processing, and then the application can automatically send an order confirmation message back to the customer.

There are numerous other ways to utilise MCM Email in daily business operations. Several companies use it for sending and receiving hundreds of email messages per day.

Some of Manycom's customers use the SMTP and POP3 servers of the same OS/400. Others utilise the email service of a public Internet service provider having the POP3 mailboxes and SMTP servers in the service provider's system.

For demonstration and testing purposes, a full function test license copy can be downloaded from the Manycom site. See Try & Buy.

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