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Email Module Description

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  • complements PC based email systems: MCM Email supports also ordinary 5250 terminals and applications
  • supports all relevant AS/400 object types
  • advanced automation features save costs and manual work
  • automation allows great volumes and reduces errors
  • facilitates better customer service and efficiency in daily working

PC workstation is no more needed to send Internet email. Ordinary 5250 terminals can also send and receive Internet email in text mode. Additionally, 5250 applications can send and receive email without any manual operations.

PC based email systems are often intended for manual, personal messaging. The integration to the operative 5250 applications and AS/400 database and spool files is seldom the best possible. MCM Email complements the existing PC based email system by providing full integration to the AS/400 environment. It also provides email capability for the 5250 terminal users.

In a typical AS/400 environment a great deal - often the majority - of the daily email messages are fixed format business messages such as orders, order confirmations and invoices, which can be sent and received automatically from and to the applications! MCM Email can be used to automate this traffic, which saves a lot of manual work and reduces costs.

MCM Email can be used also for replacing or complementing existing fax systems. Emailing via the Internet is more cost-effective than faxing. Email also provides the receiver possibility to save, edit and forward the received messages. This doesn't only improve your own efficiency but also your customer service. Today your customers want to get email instead of faxes!

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