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  • all messaging and file transfer features provided in one modular software
  • modular structure - easy to expand and upgrade
  • can be integrated to co-operate with any other software packages
  • consistent user interface and APIs - easy to learn and efficient to use
  • MCM makes it possible to start making aBusiness - automated eBusiness!

One software - many possibilities

The wide range of supported message types of MCM makes it possible to communicate with practically all your customers and business partners with all those message types they want. You don't need to purchase and learn a separate product for each different use.

Modular structure, easy to expand and upgrade

You can start with one module (e.g. Email), and expand the product later easily with other optional modules by using the special Manycom Products Installation program.

Easy to install, maintain and use

The consistent implementation of all modules of the product makes it easy to install, upgrade and maintain. Consistency of the end user interfaces and APIs minimize the training of the end users and programmers, and make the product effective to use.

Effectiveness and savings with automation

When compared with manual operations, automated operations are more effective and error free, and make it possible to send and receive a great number of messages such as orders, order confirmations and invoices per day. After making a transfer request, the end user or application is immediately free to go on with other tasks. Automated operations can save a remarkable amount of manual work and costs.

Easy integration with other applications

Manycom can poll periodically the configured libraries, directories and output queues to find out the messages to send out. Manycom adds the sending requests to transfer directory, and takes care of the transfer. No changes are necessary in the applications. On the other hand, only a minor effort is needed to add the MCM API calls in the applications to achieve optimal performance.

When receiving, Manycom can automatically identify the messages and files, and wake up the desired applications via a data queue entry, or start the application by calling or submitting it to process the received messages and data files.

This means, that Manycom can be easily integrated to co-operate with any existing application - typically without any or with only minor changes in the applications!

Create and maintain flexibly your own transfer jobs

Manycom Message has a special, very flexible way to describe and create transfer jobs. Main factors of the flexibility are the Manycom script language and modular structure of the product. You can describe practically any kind of transfer jobs needed for automation of daily messaging and file transfer tasks without the need for programming. If the communication or conversation interfaces with the remote system changes, you just edit the corresponding script files, and attach them to the transfer jobs.


Extensive security features of MCM provide effective means to control the use of MCM and AS/400 resources.

Scheduled transactions at the right time

Manycom provides the possibility to schedule the sending and receiving to take place as batch jobs at the desired time. Scheduled (delayed) sending and receiving can also save costs.

Receiver register and distribution lists save time and minimize errors

Manycom users can create and maintain entries in the Manycom receiver register. Selecting receivers and the other control information from the receiver register saves time and minimizes errors. Manycom users can also create their personal distribution lists for group sending.

Versatile status controls

Manycom provides end users and system operators many ways to control the sending and receiving. Manycom saves and handles each sending and receiving request as a unique transfer job giving it a unique job id, and maintains log and status information for each message and data file separately.

Automatic system operations

Manycom's daily system operations such as organization of the transfer directory, work and log files, and start of monitor programs are completed automatically at scheduled times. No daily system operations are needed.

More efficiency for messaging and file transfer

As a conclusion, Manycom Message makes it possible for your organization to work more efficiently and provide better and faster customer and business partner service.

With message and file transfer automation, Manycom's customers save monthly the manual work of at least one people and often of several people per customer. This makes the investment to the software very profitable. The return time for the investment is often only a couple of months.

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