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The price of the Manycom DTS (for the AS/400 and iSeries) varies from 4.500 EURO (about 4.100 USD) to 28.000 EURO (about 25.500 USD) depending on the model and processor feature of the AS/400 system. The price includes support for both SNA/APPC and TCP/IP communication.

All DTS versions for the different platforms follow a three level price grouping depending on the system model. The DTS price groups are: 1) Workstation, 2) Departmental, and 3) Enterprise.

The price grouping for Manycom DTS follows the price grouping used by IBM based on the performance of the AS/400 systems. These groups are matched as follows:

DTS Workgroup P05
DTS Departmental P10, P20
DTS Enterprise P30, P40, P50

For more specific price, see the price configuration in Try & Buy.

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