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Cases and References

As described in the previous 'Introduction' and 'Technical description' chapters, real-time messaging based on DTS applies very well to be used with all the supported communications architectures and network types. DTS provides an excellent communications solution for practically all 'traditional' real-time communications needs.

The effective communications based on data messages, the data integrity provided by the 'automatic synchronization' of the input and output messages during the program call, and the proven DTS spooling (store-and-forward) system make DTS ideal also for connecting WEB, WAP and other servers to communicate with the operative 'back-office' systems - be they local or remote.

DTS is used in tens of countries in hundreds of companies covering all industrial sectors. Most often it is probably used for-real time order entry applications. As a 'general purpose' communications middleware it can be used in so many ways that Manycom cannot mention all of them.

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