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Availability and Support

Manycom DTS and DTS generally can be used in all countries. Notice however, that the availability of some features such as encryption (supported for instance in the Windows version) can be restricted because of country specific regulations. For more information, see the descriptions and the configuration in Try & Buy.

The software can be downloaded from Manycom's site, or ordered as email or on CD-ROM or tape.

Manycom Solutions markets globally all platform versions of DTS.

Manycom Solutions, developer of the Manycom DTS, has a global responsibility for the installations, training and technical support of the AS/400 and iSeries platforms.

Other platform versions has been developed by Tascomm Engineering Oy in cooperation with Compaq Computer Oy (Finland), who take care of the installations, training and technical support of these implementations.

For more information about the technical support of Manycom DTS, see the Software Maintenance Agreement.

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